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Sudan - More Peace in Our Time!

Reuven Doron

Israel’s prophets had a lot to say about our times, including Isaiah who spoke about Cush, present-day Sudan, saying, “… the land of whirring wings along the rivers of Cush … a people tall and smooth-skinned, … a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers ... when a banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it, and when a trumpet sounds, you will hear it…” (Isaiah 18:1-3)

Can the recent normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan be one such trumpet blast?

Brokered by US President Donald Trump, this historic agreement follows the astounding Abrahamic Peace Accord signed just a few weeks ago between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrein.

Sudan is one of the Arab countries that engaged in fierce past wars with Israel, was a sponsor of international terror, and its capital, Khartoum, was the seat of the famous Arab League Anti-Israeli resolution known as the “resolution of the three noes.” No peace, no recognition, and no negotiations with Israel.

However, in a historic turn of events that was quietly prepared behind the scene for years, the hostile attitudes were laid to rest in exchange for normalization of relations. Israeli commercial flights will soon be permitted to fly over Sudan, political and commercial delegations are communicating with one another, Israeli medical assistance was extended to a Sudanese leader, and we expect more good news to emerge.

Bordering south from Egypt, Sudan (Cush in the Bible) is one of the largest countries in Africa and is truly the “land divided by rivers” as the Nile, one of the largest and longest rivers in the world, stretches the full length of Sudan from Lake Victoria all the way to the Mediterranean.

Historically, it is known for its warrior nature, ivory, incense, ebony, and gold. The Cushite nation actually conquered Egypt in the past, repelled both Roman and Muslim invasions, supported King Hezekiah against the Assyrians, and recently emerged from a long and painful civil war.

Sudan contains the oldest Christian community in Africa, and while they suffered intense persecution over the centuries, the Christian church in Sudan is experiencing fast growth these days.

With the present normalization of relations with Israel, Sudan has made an important step in renouncing terror and joining the world of nations who uphold law and order and promote peaceful cooperation.

The joint statement issued by the governments of Israel, Sudan, and the United States says, "The leaders agreed to the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel and to end the state of belligerence between their nations … to begin economic and trade relations with an initial focus on agriculture … that delegations will meet in the coming weeks to negotiate agreements of cooperation in those areas as well as in agriculture, technology, aviation, migration issues and other areas for the benefit of the two peoples.”

Sounds like a very promising “Trumpet Blast” to us! No doubt, Isaiah knew thousands of years ago some things that are unfolding before our eyes today!

Stay tuned for more good news as we move forward in faith the trust in the God of Israel.

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