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Why Should You Choose Sar-El?

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Evangelical Christian tourism to Israel has been on a steady if not dramatic rise since the mid-1970s. Sar-El Tours, an Israeli Tour Operator, has had the privilege of being a part of this phenomenon since 1993.

Why Sar-El Tours?

Sar-El Tours has been serving the Evangelical and Traditional Christian community for over 27 years. In 1993, Samuel Smadja and his wife Susan opened the company as an Israeli DMC (Destination Management Company) to serve the unique needs of the Christian visitor to Israel. 

During these nearly three decades of service, the Smadjas and their vast multilingual staff have served Tour Operators and Travel Agents on every continent of the globe in ensuring that their travelers receive the most out of their visit to the Land of the Bible. 

We are dedicated to providing professional and personal service to Tour Operators in countries around the world.

Sar-El Tours maintains its original goal of personal service to their clients while at the same time has grown into one of the larger Israeli Tour Operators serving the Evangelical Christian Community.

A Bit of History -

Historically, most Christian tourism to the Holy Land served traditional Christian visitors who were most interested in visiting and praying in the Holy Land’s many historical and beautiful Churches. 

With the advent of the “Jesus Movement” in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a spiritual and social revival took place among thousands of young American Christians, which soon influenced Evangelical Christian communities around the world.  With this “spiritual revival” came a “revived” interest in visiting the Biblical sites in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Evangelical Christian leaders such as the late Chuck Smith, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Chuck Swindoll, and many others, recognized the value of a Christian’s visit to the land of the Bible. These Evangelical Christian leaders were among the earlier of what turned into a phenomenal wave of interest of Evangelical Leaders from the Asian nations, Africa, Europe, Latin America Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, who recognize the life-changing experience that a Bible-believing Christian has when visiting the Biblical sites in the land of the Bible.

These Evangelical Christian leaders view their tours to Israel as an important part of developing their community’s understanding of the scripture as well as deepening the Christian’s relationship with the people and the nation of Israel.

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The Sar-El Difference -

With advanced and always-improving technology and communication, our staff serves thousands of tour groups per year. 

No tour or conference request is too large nor too small. The Sar-El staff is experienced in serving multiple bus tours of literally hundreds of participants, international conferences of thousands of participants, and individual travelers, family tours, and most often single bus Church tours. 

Our commitment is that all visitors receive the highest level of service to ensure that every person visiting Israel has the maximum experience possible. The Sar-El staff works closely with the International Tour Operators and Travel Agents who bring the tours to Israel. 

We work closely with the staff in the Tour Companies we serve in order to understand the needs of their travelers. We see ourselves as the representative of the Travel Agency we serve.

With nearly 30 years of experience and a unique understanding of the interests, values, and ideology of Christian visitors to Israel, Sar-El Tours continues to serve as one of Israel’s leading DMC’s. 

Our commitment to serving our many international clients, promoting our clients’ interests, and ensuring that those visiting Israel receive the best experience possible has enabled us to be a significant factor in the growth of the success of Evangelical Christian tourism to Israel.

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