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Why Visit Israel

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Israel is home to some of the planet’s most unique places.

Most notably, the Dead Sea region is the lowest point on earth and attracts millions of visitors with its rich minerals and salty sea.

Likewise, the desert crater, Maktesh Ramon, is a recognized geological phenomenon, where erosion has eaten a hole in the earth, leaving cliffs and mounds of minerals reminiscent of the inside of a mountain.

These places, while remarkable, are nowhere near all the Promised Land has to offer.

Outdoor enthusiasts will not be disappointed. Deserts, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, reefs, and oceans – Israel has it all.

The Promised Land is nestled squarely in the cradle of civilization, long credited as the birthplace of history itself. The millennia have left their mark on the land, and the evidence is everywhere. Much of Israel’s history has been unearthed in the 70+ archaeological sites that litter the country, including Jericho (pictured above), or Tel es-Sultan, the lowest and oldest city on earth.

The stories and artifacts of this ancient world have been preserved for the public throughout the country in national parks and museums, the most notable being the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

While the vistas and history of Israel are remarkable in and of themselves, it is the spiritual impact that makes the Holy Land life-changing.

Israel is the land of the Old Testament prophets, priests, and kings.

It is the home of Yeshua, whose life, death, and resurrection forever altered the course of human history.

The streets they walked are still here. The hills and seas they traversed are still here. The sights smells, and the sounds of Israel will forever change the way you read the biblical narrative, transforming its stories from a world of black and white fantasy to a tangible reality of 3D color.

We welcome you to come experience this truly unique land of history and faith for yourself, knowing you will not be disappointed.

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